Posted by: Dave | July 15, 2009

Sister Camp at Bebe and Poppy’s

This week is the second ever Sister Camp. It is a time for sisters to be spoiled rotten for a week and then sent back home to mom and dad and little brother Creighton.

pig pickin 005It started with a pig pickin’ for Auntcy and  Uncle Christopher on Saturday night.

pig pickin 015

Mommy danced with Creighton.

pig pickin 014

Daddy danced with the campers.

pig pickin 013

Ben and Katie leaned to the right.

Sunday afternoon we went for a ride on Uncle Franklin and Aunt Jennie’s boat.

nana and papa on boatNana, Papa and Uncle Rick came up from Florida for Auntcy and Christopher’s party and went on the boat ride too.

Charlotte drove the boat.

So did Olivia.

Charlotte driving with Uncle FranklinOlivia driving boat

Olivia and PoppyOlivia held onto a lantern to keep the trolls away.

Thumbs Up

Thumb’s up to the three Captains for a great voyage.

More fun still to come!



  1. Looks like fun – sorry we couldn’t make it!

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