Posted by: Dave | August 5, 2009

Whitley Fun and Food

Our congregation at Whitley loves to be together.  These are some of the folks that call me Pastor, among other things.  I love being around them.  Nothing like spending a late afternoon with hot dogs on the grill and about 10 freezers of home made ice cream in the beautiful backyard of Ed and Mary Louise Filicky!  My kind of people!

Filicky's and Creighton 001

Hot dogs are ready!

Filicky's and Creighton 002

Master Chef Ed Filicky!  Bobby Flay’s got nothing on him.

Filicky's and Creighton 008

These beautiful ladies are part of our Friday night family.  We love it when they spend time with us.

Filicky's and Creighton 013

So, exactly how does one describe that look on Bryan’s face? Pain? Laughter? What are you doing to him, Ginny?

Filicky's and Creighton 014Filicky's and Creighton 015

That egg toss was hard on Bobby’s heart.

Filicky's and Creighton 016

So, is Joyce getting up, or sitting down?  Only the photographer knows.

We had a great time.  Thank you Ed and Mary Louise for your hospitality!


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